Saturday, April 01, 2006

About Bo

Bo-Man: Can I have some money? This is Bo. He's 17. He's on My Space, if you're interested. He looks older; mostly because he's 6'5" and usually has stubble. He never has any money. He's still in high school and is starting to think about maybe kind-of-sometime-soon finding a job. Either that or taking the Hound to NYC, "jumping a freighter" to Europe, hiking through Spain and catching the ferry to Prague. (Geography is not his best subject.)

He was going to finance this venture by selling "his" car (the '95 Camry with 145,000 miles we bought him last summer). DD pointed out that it wasn't "his" car until he actually and truly graduated from high school.

Tomorrow we're going to work on a resume. Bo promised to study the food handler's manual and take the online test available in our county. He's a little more interested now that his friend Andrew has a job at the local coffee shop.

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