Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Carnival of Profligate Personal Spending #1 is Up

O No: I have run through a veritable carnival of personal spending this week. Maybe the blogsphere needs another carnival---The Carnival of Profligate Personal Spending. This would be a motivating site sharing where and how I blew the money and let others comment on the flagrancy, vagrancy and reckless wanton spending.

This week I spent a pile of money on spring-summer clothing and shoes for Bo and then some.

Let's see where the money went:

LLBean Online Sale: (Bo is built like a bison and wears Tall-XXL, so LLBean & Eddie Bauer outlets are great places to find sales on non-average sizes.)
3 T-shirts
1 canvas button-down shirt
1 pair Chinos
Total $77.00 (with shipping charges)

Old Navy: (Looking for baggy cargo shorts)
Three pair shorts
1 sleeveless T-shirt
2 T-shirts (for me $10.50 ea.)*
2 T-shirts (for me $2.97 ea.)*
Total $74.00* not counting my t-shirts

Birkenstock Store
1 pair size 49 Arizonas
Total $100.00
(Again, it's tough to find any deals on shoes. Bo wears a 15-16, so it's impossible to find flip-flops or much on sale. There's nothing in his size usually, except online at Footlocker.)
Total Spent $251.00 on Bo

And the profligate confession part: I bought three pair of shoes and sandals for myself--an added expense of $135. Ah spring.

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