Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sex & Money - It's in the Stars

My friend, Caitlin, is an astrologer. Showing her this blog, led her to remark: "Do you know that sex and money, and death actually, are all contained in the eighth house?"

I didn't know.

Caitlin went on to explain that the eighth house of a horoscope is that aspect of life/personality/fate/psyche/what-have-you that rules sexual relations, money that is shared (as in inheritance, interest and loans, windfalls---as opposed to money that is earned) and death. The stock market is irrational, obviously. Maybe this theory of the stars explains something that logic doesn't. There's a web site that features a weekly star-stock market forecast called Market Week on StarIQ.

I questioned why the three would be grouped together. The best answer I can summarize is this:

Each of these three experiences represent a deep-seated resource related with survival (or experience of passing from survival.) I don't quite understand it, but Caitlin has promised to start an "Eighth House Blog" that might give more insight.

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