Friday, July 07, 2006

$127 Flexible Spending Account Check Received

I submitted my documentation for health care reimbursement ten days ago and last night the check for $127 was in the mailbox. I turned around and paid the two bills this morning---so it's a wash. Only it's not: by contributing to my employer's flexible spending account savings plan, I'm able to pay non-covered costs and deductible with pre-tax dollars.

During this year's enrollment I elected to contribute the amount of our family deductible and save 25% off the costs of health care. (This account even covers the cost of cough drops!) My contributions are taken directly out of each paycheck, so it's a very painless way to save for covering health care costs that are uninsured or prior to meeting the deductible. Only warning: these accounts are use-it-or-lose-it annually. Usually there is a 90-day grace period stretching into the next year. If your employer offers this option, look into it.

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