Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Tale of Tall Savings

Here's a little trick that you can use to cage some savings. My teen-age son is 6'5", broad in the shoulders, plays #8 position on his rugby team. He's also tough on t-shirts and clothes generally. I've found the best way to keep him clothed is to buy good quality shirts and trousers that can stand up to a lot of action. The problem is he wears tall sized clothing to cover his frame and that tall sizes of men's clothing always cost more.

What I've found is that some online retailer sales or outlets will markdown tall sizes for the same price as regular sizes. For example:

A regular sized t-shirt normally sells for $15
A tall sized t-shirt normally sells for $20

However, when the t-shirt goes on sale, both sizes are marked down to $10. The savings on the regular size is 33% while the savings on the tall size is 50%.

This savings is also widely compounded on more expensive items like coats or outerwear. Try the sale pages at LLBean, Eddie Bauer Outlet, or Land's End if someone in your family wears talls.

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