Sunday, April 23, 2006

Spring Time Saving$ - $250 Each Year

Retractable Clothes Line We have a nifty gadget that cost $19.99 and allows us to save $250 each year: ever seen one of these?

Our home is heated by electricity, as are all our appliances. One our biggest volt-suckers is the clothes dryer - coming in second after the electric oven.

Now that spring is here, clothes can be dried on an outdoor clothes line. Our yard didn't have an appropriate space for a conventional clothes line---either too shady, hard to access on a slope, or exposed to dust and chaff. So we bought and installed a retractable clothes line. These are very popular in Europe, but this one happens to be USA-made. The casing is attached to the support post of our upper deck; the other post has a hook. The clothes line spools out of the reel and is attached to the hook. The line is pulled taunt by a twist around the anchor at the lower left. In all, we have about 20 feet of line that can accommodate two loads of clothes.

When you do need to use the dryer, put a dry towel in the clothes dryer with each load of wet clothes. The dry towel adsorbs dampness and reduces drying time. Try to dry several loads of laundry in a row to take advantage of the heat that's built up in the dryer drum.

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Terri W. said...

I have the exact same kind at home -- actually, three of them on my back deck. We have lots of toddler/baby clothes, so it takes three lines to be able to put up a full load at one time. I love it, I love it. It's one of the biggest actually-saw-a-difference things I did to cut our electricity bill.