Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Are Kids of Boomers a Generation of Boomerangers?

It's a fine thing that we're starting our mission now, to share the discipline of managing personal finances to gain independence, because lately I've been seeing the phrase "boomerang generation" surface in more places. MP Dunleavey -- personal finance columnist for MSN Money, has an article titled "Why so Many Grads 'Fail to Launch'." Bo is still in high school so this is the time to start training for the ultimate indie mission.

Many 20-somethings find themselves moving home to live with Mom and Dad, just like the movie 'Failure to Launch.' Blame it on the inertia -- and some very real challenges…a darker side of the boomerangers, many of whom graduate unprepared for the daunting financial realities that await them -- whether it's dealing with massive debt, a dicey job market, the high cost of living or, D, all of the above.

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