Monday, April 03, 2006

Win $100 for Best Frugal Living Tip

Frugal U: Win $100 for Best Frugal Living Tip

Bankrate's Frugal U runs a monthly frugal living tip contest. This month's contest (March) closes today. You enter a tip and others vote on the usefulness. The top tip wins the monthly $100. Send your tip in tomorrow for a chance to win the next $100!

The winning tip? Here it is:

Winning tip: End dropped calls! Experiencing dropped calls on your cell phone? There's no need to get a new phone -- even if your phone is a few years old. Take your phone to your service provider and request a software upgrade. Typically, the service is free. Dropped calls can occur when the software version is upgraded on the cell phone towers but not on your cell phone.

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