Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cashing in Dividends: Free $$$$

I'm a member of REI, an outdoor equipment store, that has brick-n-mortar stores as well as online shopping.

The benefits of being a member?

"While non-members are welcome to shop at REI, only members enjoy special benefits, including an annual member refund on eligible purchases. REI's business success allowed the co-op to return member refunds to its active members in 2005 totaling more than $50 million, and provide $2.5 million in donations in support of the outdoors and outdoor recreation. "

Every year you receive a dividend and I usually spend mine at their spring sale (20% off the price of one item) to buy my brother's birthday present. I was able to get him a great hemp shirt with bamboo buttons (sustainable but practical for an engineer who's outside a lot) as well as a gift card for some cycling items. Using my dividend was more free money!

Also, they're a great place to work (from what I hear). They've been one of the top 100 companies to work for each of the past nine years. So if you're looking for hourly retail check out REI.

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