Monday, April 03, 2006

No Late Fees

No Late Fees

The late fees from rentals at our local video rental store were killing me. Last year I paid $40 at the end of the year to dig us out of the hole. Bo rented games or movies and they seemed to disappear under mounds of dirty clothes for weeks at a time. He was supposed to return the rented items AND pay his own late fees; of course, he never had the money. Eventually, I paid up and blocked him from the account.

We signed up for NetFlix, the online DVD rental service that delivers through the postal service, about five months ago. We selected the two-out-at-a-time service and have been pleased with it since we started. The best part: no late fees! Ever!


CreditGuy said...

When I was reading the first part of your post, I wanted to suggest you switching to Netflix. Its much easier than having to deal with the Blockbuster nonsense and actually having to go to the store. The system works pretty well and I've only had about 1-2 instances where I've actually had problems with the returning/receiving of my DVDs. I guess, you did decide well!

Opra said...

Unfortunately, many people face the problem of late fees... It's awful:( I'm glad that you have solved your problem:)